Children can’t understand everything about the war, but they suffer greatly from it. Even those who managed to escape the horror are living without their normal lives. One part of this life are books, voices of relatives who read them, the opportunity to discuss what is read in the family.

For several weeks now, the Ukrainian publishing house Kalamar has been looking for opportunities to transfer books to Ukrainian children affected by the war with Russia. We do this through volunteers who support refugees.

Guardian angels of Ukrainian children

Kalamar Publishing House has delivered 590 books as a part of contribution. Most of them were received by Kyiv children who were hiding from shelling in the subway and other shelters.

Also to help as many children as possible to receive quality books Kalamar team appealed to partners and readers that can support this important initiative and donate books to children whose parents can’t do so. Kalamar books were mostly created by psychotherapists and can help to work with emotions that is really important nowadays.

Thanks to everyone who responded!

Some of the books were bought by our international partners. We are extremely grateful to everyone for their indifference to the plight of Ukrainian society. For example, on April 9th, our foreign friends with a big heart bought 40 books for Ukrainian children worth UAH 10,460.

Special thanks to the Ukrainians who, despite the circumstances, order books for strangers on our website and prove that there are no someone else’s children! On April 9, our compatriots, who themselves suffered from the war, still found an opportunity to buy 7 books worth UAH 2,000.

Children who received books from Kalamar Publishing House

Children from Kyiv and refugees from hot spots (towns of Kyiv region and Mariupol) received books from the Kalamar publishing house.

During eight years of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian volunteers have played a huge role. They constantly support the army and refugees. The video shows a day in the life of a Ukrainian volunteer who helps refugee families, provides them with everything they need and even books that have now become a luxury for many Ukrainian children.

The publishing house’s mail and messengers are constantly receiving requests for books for Ukrainian refugees from various volunteer organizations working with IDPs and children. Kalamar team is grateful to all concerned foreigners and Ukrainians who donate money for books to children from Ukraine. You are doing a very important thing and bring a faith in good so many Ukrainian children can believe in peace again.