These days Ukraine is facing difficult and horrible times. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children lost their homes, friends, favorite toys and books. There are hundreds refugees camps organised all over Ukraine where Ukrainian families trying to escape from bombing. Some families are still living in underground shelters. All these new temporary places for living are huge support for kids and their families but still can’t be equivalent to their casual lives. But books and peaceful storytelling can be some treatment for kids’ wounded souls and hearts and bring them some sweet memories back.

Let’s help our kids. Please support them by buying a book!

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The books of Kalamar publishing house were written by professional psychologists . They help children to deal with fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, teach kids to understand themselves and others and bring them self confidence.

Parents of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children are not able to buy them books at the moment but will be very grateful if all of us will help them to do this.

Kalamar will deliver all books purchased with these donations to children who are still staying in hotspots, living in underground shelters or places where they have been evacuated from destroyed Ukrainian cities.

We believe that books can help us and our kids in finding a way out from the dark days to a brighter future.

All reports of these donations and book distribution will be published in our social media pages and blogs at our web site.

Charity report HERE

Thank you very much for all of your support for Ukraine during these challenging days!

Slava Ukraini!

Glory to Ukraine!