Who we are
Kalamar is an appropriate name for our publishing house that is governed with our own unique views on books and the publishing world
books are pleasing to hold.
For us, there are no restrictions on genre: the main thing is that the book is interesting to readers regardless of age. In literature, a truly good book captures both children and adults
is to care about the theme of the work: we place a high priority on independent niches which have meanings and morals that the reader can rapidly gain from
After becoming acquainted with our books, people become richer with new knowledge, experiences, and impressions, and their lives become more meaningful and brighter

is not only in the quantity of books we publish, but in the quality.
It's important for us to combine modern technology with the traditional roots of publishing
Who we are?
Figuratively speaking, Kalamar is the venerable grandfather of the ordinary ballpoint pen, and the great-grandfather of the computer keyboard.
During the Cossack era, the kalamar was an inkwell with “ears” that clerks had tied to their belts—truly a sign of progressive times back then.
the modern day Kalamar is still progressive.
Publishing house respects history and tries to create brighter future