For everyone to whom the principles of conscious parenting appeal, who has great responsibility to their children, who strives to spend more time with their families, who wants to dialogue and is eager to understand the world of a modern kid – our books are exactly what you need! Our mission is:

Books on Emotional Intellect

Soft Skills are commonly much more valued nowadays on job markets than Hard Skills. Wouldn’t it be extremely reasonable to train those at an early age? The answer to this question resulted in a prevailing number of our books dedicated to this topic. Teach your kids to understand their “selves” , to define their emotions, to control their behavior, and to be secure as early as from the very childhood.

Books on Social adaptation

Known as “Z” and “Alpha” generations, the children of these days are especially thoughtful of the environmental issues. We strongly believe this feature should be supported and favored, mainly through literature about nature conservation and environment protection.

Books for Teens

Not to forсe, but to fascinate – this is our approach to producing books for youth. We choose to plot dynamic and gripping stories, absorbing and read till the last page.

Books for the Youngest

Contributing to the early development from the age of 1, books of this category enhance speaking skills, empower imagination , teach health basics respecting the peculiarities of perception at this early stage of life.

We make books that are loved from the first seconds of reading – not more is needed for a child to decide for liking or disliking anything. We long to satisfy our customers by texts, illustrations, and even the feel of a book.

The biggest dream of ours is to let you and your children take most of the books published with regard to the current literature trends, and to transform a reading process into a hobby.

We wish you pleasant and exciting reading! Discover yourselves and your children, research the wider world!

Yours faithfully

Olia Popovych, founder of “KALAMAR” ,

and the PH team