Friends, in the frosty morning of November, rush to introduce to you a new book “Mitten for the nose”!

Here’s what Oksana Krotiuk says about the book:
Learn yourself and teach your parents! This call can be safely dubbed the slogan of the “Doctor Tetti School” series. The second book of the series is also addressed to the youngest readers. And so it is said in her about healthy habits. But now our heroes act in other circumstances.

Despite the seriousness of the issues raised by the creators of the book, the baby will feel in the atmosphere of the game familiar to him. While playing and listening to short warm tales, he will master the knowledge that – without exaggeration – will subsequently become determinants of the quality of life.
Reading with the baby book series “Doctor Tetti School“, you give him the most valuable thing: knowledge of how to be healthy, and therefore – happy.

The author of the idea: Tetyana Svyatenko
Text: Oksana Krotiuk
Illustrations: Inna Ruda

We will inform you about the start of sales in addition.